Headline Round-Up: Wednesday, March 23rd


Gates: We can’t predict when we’ll be out

Congress to hold hearing next week

Kucinich steps up opposition, will submit defunding bill

Journalists held in captivity faced brutal treatment

Rand Paul announces he will “vocally oppose” Obama’s actions next week

Germany pulls out as coalition deteriorates

UK might run out of missiles after using 1/5 of stockpile on Libya

Cost for US in Libya races towards $1B mark


Bottled water scarce as fears of contamination continue

Sign of the times: young people just as likely to donate digitally as traditionally


Taskforce urges resolution amid military stalemate 

After bloody winter, “fighting season” begins again

“Kill team” soldier pleads guilty


Kurdish governor resigns

Middle East Uprising

Explosions rock Jerusalum as unrest spreads

Israel warns of “aggressive response” to bombing

Riyadh to decide fate of Yemen

Former Mubarak minister charged over death


Fed reports record profits

US Home sales hit record low

Yuan hits record level against the dollar


Rep. Ron Paul says Department of Education indoctrinates kids

Sen. Rand Paul to join Pelosi at WH Correspondents’ Dinner

Congress getting closer to passing a bill that spends a bunch more of our money


Ron Paul does best among Tea Party, secular, and young voters

Rand Paul: the Pat Buchanan of 2012?

War on Drugs

Obama to send $200 million to Central America to fight “narco gangs”


Portuguese PM steps down, makes bailout more likely

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