Headline Round-up: Wednesday, March 30th


Gadaffi forces retake key oil port

Obama signs secret order authorizing support for rebels

Al-Qaeda: US intervention helps us

Moscow “alarmed” at Al-Qaeda presence in Libya

Cameron echoes Clinton: Won’t rule out arming rebels

Experts: That’s illegal

Glen Greenwald: Like that’s ever stopped us

Rep. Kaptur (D-OH): Obama’s attack was “pre-meditated” and “irresponsible”

Opposition to launch TV channel from Qatar

Kristol: Obama is a born-again Neo-Con


Sen. Lee: I will filibuster any attempt to raise debt ceiling

House Oversight Committee releases report on FOIA abuses


Rumsfeld: Kill team photos worse than Abu Ghraib

“They killed for entertainment” – Karzai comes out against Kill Team photos

12 killed in suicide blast in Pakistan


Reuters journalist killed

Middle East

US “deeply concerned” over arrest of prominent blogger in Bahrain

Yemeni opposition gives list of demands as protests continue

Syrian President digs in his heels as new cabinet prepares to take office


Ron Paul’s busy April

TPaw: Fiat money leading us towards double-dip recession

Bachmann wouldn’t have gone into Libya


Sixth of six major Irish banks now in government hands

Brazil considers bailing out Portugal

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