Headline Round-Up: Wednesday, May 11th

WH closer to calling for Assad to step down as Syrian unrest continues…

| DailyMail |

Arrest total hits 10,000… | Al Arabiya |

Experts: Sanctions won’t work… | AFP |

Officials: Al-Jazeera reporter now in Iran… | Guardian |

House Comte demands Libya papers from WH… | Wash Times |

Mission drags on… | Politico |

Humanitarian crisis as officials turn blind eye to unsafe refugee boats…

| Guardian |

Several killed in Yemeni protests… | AJE |

$37.4B in cuts brings Greeks out into the streets… | WSJ |

EU, IMF envoys meet… | AP |

Sen. Paul: “Right to health care” is slavery… | Politico |

The Atlantic defends Rep. Paul against paternalistic drug warriors…

| Atlantic |

Grand jury trial against Wikileaks, Assange begins… | Guardian |

Part of broader campaign to crack down on leakers… | Salon |

PATRIOT Act renewal looming… | RT |

Obama encouraging sub-prime lending again… | BusinessWeek |

What recovery? Unemployment for black males at highest ever… | Y! |

Cameras in TX schools to monitor students’ eating habits… | AP |

Eight Republicans in crowded W.Va Gov. primary Saturday… | AP |

Close Senate race in Va… | PPP |

Tea Party Express wades into Neb. US Senate race… | AP | 

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