Headline Round-Up: Wednesday, May 4th

Rep. Ron Paul: OBL is gone, let’s bring our troops home… | US Election News |

He’s not alone… | The Hill |

House Progressives on board… | LAT |

Changes to official story raise questions… | CNN |

Not without precedent… | Guardian |

McCain: waterboarding didn’t help… | Politico |

Scaredy-cat GOP “front-runners” missing debate… | Politico |

SC Gov.: “Anyone that discounts SC is making a huge mistake”… | Fox |

Paul has highest name ID of the 5 participating… | NRO |

Did DOJ give guns to Mexican drug cartels? AG: “I frankly don’t know”… | The DC |

Kucinich hails improvements in Bradley Manning treatment… | Guardian |

Rand’s REINS act in the GOP jobs plan… | paul.senate.gov |

Over half of states ask US Court to overturn Obamacare… | AP |

58% say they would “never” vote for Donald Trump… | Y! |

Humanitarian concerns as refugee ship bombed in Libya… | AJE |

War crimes trial coming for Gaddafi… | Guardian |

Syrian protesters getting 3-year prison sentences… | AJE |

Three weeks after arrest, Gbagbo’s forces fight on… | Guardian |

Fatah, Hamas sign peace agreement… | RT |

Nixon’s veto overridden, Mo. redistricting set… | AP | 

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