Headline Roundup (6/15/10)

In the news:

  • I admit it: I was wrong to have supported Barack Obama. Daniel Hannan writes “None of these advantages, however, can make up for the single most important fact of Obama’s presidency, namely that the federal government is 30 per cent larger than it was two years ago.”
  • Clueless? Senior CNBC analyst says Ron Paul “is one of the many elected representatives who we have that doesn’t even have a basic understanding of fundamental economics.”
  • Ouch! Police officer punches woman in the face during jaywalking stop. Watch the video.
  • The FBI knocked on my door: Simple ground rules for when the police question you. Pretty good video, accept that it incorrectly calls your fifth amendment right not to incriminate yourself, your first amendment right.
  • The “Chinese century” may be more complex than typical commentary suggests.
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