Headline Roundup (6/24/10)

In the news:

  • Shallow Al? Portland woman says Al Gore groped her and made unwanted sexual advances during a massage session in an Oregon hotel suite, calls him a giggling “crazed sex poodle.” The woman alleges Mr. Gore forced her to drink Marnier, pinned her to a bed, and forcibly French kissed her. No charges have been filed because police say there is “not enough evidence.”
  • Harry Reid‘s son is running for governor in Nevada, but one thing is notably missing from Rory Reid’s first campaign ad: his last name.
  • Obstructionists: House panel blocks Republican measure “to direct Justice Deparment to release all documents pertaining to the White House’s efforts to persuade Joe Sestak not to run for U.S. Senate.” What happened to transparency? Rep. Issa (R) calls B.S. on White House crime coverup. Rahm Emmanuel: Expect “nothing more” from the White House on Sestak / Romanoff discussions.
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