Headline Roundup (6/8/10)

In the news:

  • Quagmire: Afghan war now country’s longest – “it is the longest war in our nation’s history, surpassing the conflict in Vietnam. 103 months passed between passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the withdrawal of the last American combat forces from Vietnam. As of today, the Afghanistan war is 104 months old.”
  • Tragedy: NATO suffers deadliest day this year in Afghanistan – “The deaths of 10 NATO soldiers made Monday the deadliest day for foreign troops in Afghanistan since 14 Americans, including 11 US soldiers, died in two helicopter crashes on October 26, 2009.”
  • Aloof: Amid a tragic oil spill in the Gulf, a harrowing milestone for the war in Afghanistan, growing tensions in Korea, and mounting evidence of criminal bribes at top levels of the Obama Administration, Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden… have a squirt gun fight.
  • Excuses: Obama blames Bush and Wall Street for the country’s record budget deficits (then why staff top levels of your administration with so many Wall Street execs, Mr. President?). Flashback: Obama tells high school grads not to make excuses, but to take responsibility for successes and failures.
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