Headline Roundup (7/1/10)

In the news:

  • Beyond Satire: Remember when Mr. Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for… well, for not being George W. Bush (too bad that his policies aren’t any different). Well now the National Constitution Center in Washington has awarded Tony Blair the Liberty medal for his role in “bringing liberty to the people of the world.” (For a list of reasons this is total “bollocks” as the English say, click here.)
  • Gridlock: Congress goes home without extending long-term jobless benefits. Predictably the Washington Post groans and the L.A. Times complains, both under a thin pretense of serious journalism.
  • Pleading the Second: Referring to the forced disarmament of blacks after Reconstruction, Justice Clarence Thomas argues that gun rights are civil rights.
  • Rand Paul: The million dollar man. (YAL reports news and comments on issues and news, we do not endorse candidates for office.)
  • Biden gaffes again. Implies GOP are Nazis.
  • Awesome! Google will now be adjusting its paychecks for gay and lesbian employees who opt for domestic partner benefits to a cover the Federal tax difference between them and their straight, married peers.
  • Shallow Al: Police re-opening investigation into allegations that Al Gore sexually assaulted a woman during a late night massage session.
  • Torture study reveals appalling cowardice of America’s newspapers.
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