Headline Roundup (7/6/10)

In the news:

  • “Controversial” opinions on your website? The TSA is going to block its employees from accessing your site on the agency’s computers. Meanwhile, the feds are still stonewalling about the use of pornography on government computers by MMS and SEC employees while on the job. PS: you want to hear a controversial opinion- try the idea that we need naked scanners in airports to keep us safe.
  • Justice Kennedy says he’ll be hanging on until Obama’s gone, allowing a Republican to appoint his successor.
  • The clash between Obama and the Supreme Court.
  • NASA’s new mission is to improve the self esteem of Muslim countries. Seriously. That’s even more  useless than its old mission (wasting millions of dollars to send a robot to Mars so that it can break).
  • Weird: Did HuffPo intentionally crop AP photo to give Benjamin Netanyahu “devil horns?”
  • For College Students: 10 Awesome Tips to get the very most out of your college experience.
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