Headline Roundup (7/8/10)

In the news:

  • Ann Coulter says Michael Steele is right and Bill Kristol should resign! And while there are admittedly still some trappings of neo-conservative thought (those same themes that Republicans are unequivocally good, Democrats unequivocally bad, the war in Iraq was justified, etc.) throughout her piece, she presents a pretty compelling defense of Steele’s statements.
  • No good: ‘Perfect Citizen’ Program Places ‘Sensors’ Throughout Web.
  • Good: Europe suspends anti-terror “stop and search” legislation after a court ruled it was illegal.
  • Dead heat: Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer’s ratings are at their lowest level, putting her in a statistical tie with GOP challenger Carly Fiorina.
  • Sell a guinea pig, go to jail. That’s the new law under consideration in San Francisco which would ban the sale of pets.
  • Move your money away from large corporate banks. Here’s how.
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