Health Care: But Wait! There’s more.

About two hours ago, I cited articles which indicated that the health care bill would likely pass since the president promised pro-life Democrats an executive order confirming that the federal government would not fund abortions.  Now the GOP may have found a way to convince those Democrats to vote the bill back into committee, which would effectively kill it:

Democrats are worried about holding their members together on a GOP motion that could kill the healthcare bill.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said House leaders are specifically concerned about a Republican motion to recommit that would contain only language on abortion that Stupak originally had wanted to include in the Senate bill.

The concern is based on the fear of GOP attack ads painting Democrats who vote against a motion to recommit that includes Stupak’s favored language on abortion as “flip-floppers” on the issue.

Politics and its trickery are so much fun, no?  As the balance continues to swing back and forth on this, here (courtesy of the blog) is a ridiculously long list of government health care horror stories:

Find the full list of tales of socialized medicine woes here — what I posted just scratches the surface.

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