Health Care Freedom in Ohio Hits Temporary Roadblock

When the Ohio Liberty Council, a group of grassroots organizations including the University of Cincinnati YAL and the Ohio State University YAL,  set out to correct the wrongdoings of health care reform by proposing an amendment to the Ohio constitution, it was no secret that it would be a tough battle. Now the group’s efforts have been met with a temporary roadblock.

Language of the proposed amendment was rejected by the Ohio Ballot Board last week, prompting the Council to potentially pursue legal action by asking the Ohio Supreme Court to reverse the board’s decision.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and the Ohio Ballot Board today ruled a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at protecting Ohioans from forthcoming health care regulations should be split into two parts. As a result, the board rejected the proposed amendment and told its sponsor, the Ohio Liberty Council, to start over.

The move places the Ohio Liberty Council in the untenable position of restarting the amendment language approval process and collecting two sets of 402,275 signatures by June 30. The group will ask the Ohio Supreme Court to block the Ballot Board’s action.

“The Ohio Ballot Board got it wrong today,” said Warren Edstrom of the Ohio Liberty Council. “We will ask the Ohio Supreme Court to uphold our amendment language and correct this error.”

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