Health Care Public Option to Stay in the House Bill

It appears that the public option will probably be staying in the House version of the health care bill:

House Democratic officials say a public option will remain in their version of a health-reform bill, even now that the White House has acknowledged it may later get dropped.

“This is just for the Senate,” a House leadership official said about the administration’s concession on a public option. “There is no way it passes the House the first time around without a public option.

The game has started in Washington, and while President Obama can appear to be in favor of getting rid of the public option, the Congress can still hash out the details in the bill and possibly keep the provision.

If this makes it through, you know darn well that the President will sign it into law and screw the American people out of any liberties that we have left.

It is essential that we as Americans keep on eye on the Congress and our government as a whole. They seem to be stalling on the bill and waiting until the end of September to try and vote on passage. According to them, it will allow time for people to “cool off.”

on’t cool off.  DStand up and resist, or you will lose your freedoms.

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