Healthcare Debate Not over in Ohio

In my further attempts to spread the liberty message on my campus, I wrote on the efforts of the Ohio Liberty Council to combat “Obamacare” which appeared in today’s edition of my column for The News Record.  Although these efforts have a long way to go, I really hope that my fellow buckeyes can get behind this movement and allow us Ohioans to take a stand against the intrusive health care “reform.”

Here’s a quick excerpt:

No sooner after President Obama’s pen lifted from signing the health care reform bill into law, efforts to combat its effects were quickly set in motion by many groups across the nation.

Those efforts are now underway in Ohio.

Last week, the Ohio Liberty Council, a collection of grassroots organizations including the University of Cincinnati Young Americans for Liberty, initiated a statewide movement to allow Ohioans to vote on a proposed state constitutional amendment this fall. A statewide petition drive might soon be underway in order to gather the near 400,000 overall signatures needed to eventually get the issue on the November ballot.

You can read the rest here.

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