Healthcare For All, A Chicken in Every Pot

Fortunately, it seems President Obama’s health care proposal, despite two “historical votes,” in its favor, is losing some steam. With infighting in the left over the Stupak amendment and the public option itself,  the divides in the Democratic party over the issue seem to be growing by the day. With a crazy holiday schedule added to the mix, there is very little time to debate and pass a bill in the senate, merge it with the house bill, and pass a compromise. Indeed, it seems to be nearly impossible to achieve a legislative feat of that magnitude in such little time. 

Though both Republicans and Democrats have proposed healthcare “reform” bills they are one in the same minus the public option. Higher taxes, mandates, and layers upon layers of bureaucracy are not “reform.”

 Real “reform,” should immediately address the Medicare problem. I’m baffled by the fact that Medicare is considered miraculous success in this country.  Yes, it has covered plenty of seniors since its passage, but it will be insolvent a mere 7 years from now. It is a fiscal disaster that young people will have to pay for. This upcoming disaster undermines the credibility of CBO statistics, or any numbers spewed by the Apparatchik, claiming healthcare reform will somehow “cut costs.” Remember: The CBO projected that by 1990 Medicare would cost a mere $9 billion. They were shy by a mere $98 billion, or a 12 fold increase.

Utopian visions of healthcare and Priuses for all, along with a chicken in every pot, show the root problem of this debate and the general problem with American politics: a sense of entitlement. Healthcare is not a right. It never has been and never will be. Rights are constant, enduring, rigid things. There are only three of them. Where is healthcare on that list?

Is it any surprise that the two most heavily regulated industries, Wall Street and the Health Insurance Industry, are crumbling before our very eyes and bringing the rest of America with it? Looks like government is the problem after all.

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