Healthcare Speaker Event at George Washington University

We were recently happy to have Ramesh Ponnuru, an AEI scholar and a national review columnist, speak to our chapter about healthcare. The event took place on Thursday November, 9 and attracted a crowd of thirty-five people. Ponnuru’s talk was very informative for the audience and he described his speech as, “One of the wonkiest talks I have given in a long time”. Ponnuru argued that a solution to Obamacare needs to have: high risk pools, refundable tax credits, and a requirement that induvial are able to renew their health insurance plans each year. Throughout his talk, Ponnuru stressed the need for a resurgence of catastrophic health plans. To lower healthcare costs we need to create a consumer driven free market system which will foster competition and choice.

Not only was the talk informative, but the event also received positive news coverage in one of GW’s biggest newspapers. The link to that story is here:

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