Hear Ye Bill Kristol

You demonized Ron Paul’s straw poll win at CPAC, and I am A-Okay with that because I support free speech, unlike you. While your motive was probably more political than anything (Because Dr. Paul is an actual conservative on fiscal issues, foreign policy, and civil liberties; a principled position that is a direct threat to your pragmatic, spineless neoconservative ideology that you so vehemently defend), you also sought to discredit the youth movement. And I have a huge problem with that.

Let me ask you this, Bill:

Who are the biggest advocates of Social Security and Medicare?

Who passed the biggest Medicare expansion since it was created?

Who is fighting tooth and nail to pass socialized medicine, affectionately named America’s Affodable Health Choices Act of 2009?

Who steered us into the two most disastrous wars since Vietnam?

Who saw no problem in trashing the Constitution by passing the PATRIOT Act, among many other violations of our founding document?

Who oversaw the worst “recession” since the Great Depression?

Who finally took the dollar off of the gold standard ensuring our road to an inflationary hell?

Who tarnished our image among the whole world?

Who drove and is driving our country to crap, a country that would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers?

Unfortunately for you, Bill, it’s not just those evil liberals called Democrats. Nor was it just the Republicans (Try not to go into denial; it’s extremely unhealthy). In essence, it was the old folk of our country, sans a few. The Baby Boomers. The “Greatest Generation” of our time. They steered us into this mess. They were complicit with the implosion of America.

Now, that we’ve finally reached the end of the road, some people want to do something about it. Who are these people? The future. The Youth of America.  We Young Americans for liberty. 

We were left with this mess by people like you, Bill. Now, we have to clean it up. Your decades old disaster of a reckless foreign policy, orgy of spending, and trashing of our rights. It is YOUR fault (Admission is a healthy step). Some of us haven’t even been able to vote in an election yet — I am one of them. Others have only had the chance a few times. We were powerless, mere spectators of our country’s demise. 

And what a circus it has been. I hate to say it, Bill, but the party is over. It is now OUR turn. We will no longer be subservients, debt slaves, and cannon fodder to you or your generation. The Patricians are surely running scared.

History will remember you, I have no doubt about that. You won’t be a footnote, however. You and your corrupt ideology will probably be a whole volume in encyclopedia of the American Empire. You’re the modern day Goth or Visigoth who brought down the empire. You imploded it. For that, I am thankful.

But our chapter will be much longer and optimistic. Why? Because we will rebuild this country.  

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