Hello from the C4L Conference!

I’m in Valley Forge with Jeff Frazee and a number of other members of the YAL national staff at the Campaign for Liberty Northeast Regional Conference.  Yesterday the conference started with an End the Fed (do you have your copy yet?) book signing by Ron Paul and an opening rally which concluded with a rousing speech from the congressman.  Check out the C4L Twitter feed for some key points Dr. Paul made. 

The speech was prefaced by talks on noninterventionist foreign policy and the importance of following the constitution by Philip Giraldi and Mike Doherty, respectively.  Training today has been led by veteran political organizer Mike Rothfeld.

Still to come are speeches from Daniel Hannan, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Meltdown author Tom Woods.  I’m possibly missing someone — I don’t think so, but this is a large conference with many speakers and very excited attendees.  We’ve distributed a lot of information, and YAL’s table has been well-frequented — not only because we had Judge Napolitano hanging out with us, signing books and copies of the newest issue of YAR (so new, we haven’t even mentioned it on the site yet…Join YAL today to become a YAR subscriber!).

More updates to come (I hope!)

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