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Dec. 18, 2008

Tonight on Patriot Pastor’s Radio: “The YAL Blogger’s“-10:00pm Central time, 11:00pm Eastern

This past Tuesday night our guest were from the Young Americans for Liberty, or YAL management team. A very hard working group who love liberty. Tonight, our show will feature three of the YAL Blogger’s. The YAL blogger’s are an essential part of the YAL team and the liberty movement. We’ll find out what makes them tick and more. The three guest for tonight are Jon Lauro, Chet Butterworth, and Zachary Hamed. They are listed in the order of appearance. I will begin to have the YAL Blogger Segment one night per week until we have included all the YAL blogger’s who desire to be on the show to spread the liberty message.

To listen online, go to Patriot Pastor’s Radio and click on the “Click to Listen” icon at showtime. The “Click to Listen” icon will only appear when the show goes live. You must have Windows Media Player for PC’s or Quicktime for MAC users to listen online. If you cannot make it to the live show tonight, every show is recorded and archived for your convenience. To listen to past archived shows, please click here.

Liberty Shall Reign!

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Caleb Kinley

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