I’m new to YAL, so I thought I’d give you a little bio before I launch into my intended subject. I’m a homeschool graduate who loves economics, history, literature, music, and politics. I am not attending a college but studying on my own at home over the internet.

Through Ron Paul’s 2008 run for president I got involved in the Campaign for Liberty. Then I started studying Austrian economics and decided to step down from C4L so I could focus on economics. I attended a conference that the Mises Institute hosted on Jekyll Island this spring, where I got to meet Ron Paul for the first time! Over the past year or so I’ve been giving lectures on Austrian economics, from Tea Party events to financial meetings, and realized how fun it was to share this info with others.

I live in a rural area and the possibilites for teaching people in my community are rather limited, so I decided to offer an online course in Austrian economics starting in January. My passion is to share this information with other young people who want to know how they can defend the free market and liberty even better.

Warning : This will probably be unlike anything you ever heard in school or college. This is not mainstream economics. This isn’t big government economics. This is free market economics. Why doesn’t the government work and how would the free market work? Why does the government mess up everything they touch? So even if you studied mainstream economics before, this course will cover new material for you. And it isn’t just a quick run-through of what you’ve probably already read. This will be a full semester course with a comprehensive study of all of Austrian economics, from the history of economics to the theory of marginal utility to the business cycle. We will have time to cover all the fundamental ideas and apply those theories to what we are experiencing right now. 

Here’s a video that explains it a little. And here’s my website, where you can read more about the course. 

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