Help Make Ron Paul Number 1!

Two nights ago I finished reading Ron Paul’s End the Fed.  As is to be expected, it was excellent.  However, the Dr. Paul writes on today that the book has slipped from its heights of #1 on Amazon and #7 on the NYT Bestsellers list…and asks that we help bump it back up to the top.

Please buy a copy, and recommend it to your friends. It also makes a great gift for students and everyone who cares about freedom and prosperity. Those are our birthright. We must not let the Fed and all its gang take them away.

Please help me in anyway you can, and thank you!

End the Fed is less than $13 on Amazon — hardly that much for a hardcover — and anyway it’s more than worth the price.  The fall is a hard time of the year for nonfiction books to make it to the top of these lists because there’s more competition than usual, so if you haven’t already, please please buy a couple copies of End the Fed today.

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