Help YAL: Start acting with some class

Alright, y’all.  I’m about to preach.  I’m sure many of you won’t like it but, I could not care less.  Here it is:  Stop giving people resounding reasons to discredit our movement and start acting with some class.  You want to alienate people from joining this movement (conservatives) or push people out (conservatives like me)?  If not, then stop acting like these folks did on YAL’s Faceobok page (see the photo below).

Sarah PalinTo be honest, I’m not sure why I blacked their names out.  You can simply visit the post and see who wrote these things; I mean, they publicly stated them and therefore aren’t ashamed of it (somehow).  Still, I had a hard time calling people out by name (especially those I don’t know) so I blocked their names out of respect and civility.  Perhaps they should practice those in the future, as well.

But on to the real point: Stop using language such as “dumb whore” to describe people you disagree with.  Also, to the person who did, look at your profile picture and ask yourself, “As a representation of this candidate, how does it look when I use extremely sexist and hateful language?”  I don’t know, just a thought.  And, really, it is a complete fallacy; if you disagree with her policies or views on the election then articulate that like a big boy instead of stooping down to the level you did.

As for another post, when you liken Palin to a “stopped clock” or Palin2somebody who is “a stooge,” you use the same tactic that big-government liberals do: You attack conservatives as being anti-intellectuals who are flatout idiots.  If you care about this movement — and allowing it to grow — you’d be wise not to use the same rhetoric on conservatives that statist leftists and ignorant media members do.  It’s not appealing in any fashion.  People like me, who are rather traditional, don’t take kindly to this type of language.  And how about those Republicans who are always so close to finally understanding our philosophy?  Well, they’ll never stand side-by-side with us if we provide them with reasons — like this — not to.  Altough, as a side note, I never knew one had to be traditional to know they shouldn’t call a woman a “dumb whore.”  

Finally, to the brilliant folks who asked if Palin was “like a Lewinsky” (sexist) or if she smokes “butt crack” (extremely immature), keep your thoughts to yourself.  If you’re not intellectual enough to state your opinion without sounding like a child then just do not speak at all.  Admittedly, that sounds a bit pretentious but I really don’t think it is too much to ask.  As you might have noticed, there were some comments that I didn’t have to bring up.  Although I may disagree with them, or think they were worded horribly wrongly, they weren’t comments that could severely damage our organization.

Bottom line:  Start acting with some class and ditch the “I’m a libertarian so I do what I want when I want” attitude, because this movement and philosophy will go down with your hateful and ignorant language leading the way.  I love YAL, I love our principles and our motivation as an organization, but I do not love the baggage that some people bring by ignorantly spouting garbage like this on Facebook and in actual debates.  That’s all.

(Oh, and if you want a fair analysis of Palin’s record, check it out here.)

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