Here Come The Men In Black at Gardner-Webb University #RestoreThe4th

On October 26th 2017, our YAL chapter at Gardner-Webb University hosted our Restore the Fourth Event. We had students, professors, and others come by our table to see what we were doing, dressed up in our best MIB suits and cameras watching everyone who passed by. The members who helped make this all possible did a phenomenal job in reaching out to students and did all of it with great enthusiasm. It was surprising and a bit disheartening to see so many we talked to support government spying on citizens without a warrant. However, of the people we talked to that were completely surprised and visibly angry that the government was doing this, most of them expressed a desire to join us. So, we’ll be having an interest meeting on Thursday and talk with those who were interested in joining to help us in the fight against government tyranny.

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