Heroic piece in Slate on secession

I was thrilled to see today on LewRockwell.com that a MSM outlet has written a piece giving the idea of secession a fair hearing. Though the term “secession” undoubtedly sounds inflammatory due to the indoctrination we’ve received from public schools and the government-connected media, I think the practical case for it is quite strong. Indeed, the nationalistic assumptions that cause us to react so venemously to the prospect tend to wither upon logical examination.

While short-term economic troubles would be inevitable, I can’t imagine why any libertarian opponent of bureaucracy, militarism, protectionism, and state-worship would oppose secession in the long-run. Especially from such a monstrous, overgrown government like the gang in D.C.

I wrote a “thank you” to Slate and Mr. Levin for this article, and I hope you guys do to!

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