Hey Liberals — The Obama Administration has, is, and will continue to torture

Those statists and “peacenik” celebrities who claim to oppose torture “on principle,” yet sanction the Obama warfare state, are deeply naive.

It’s either ethical to blow children’s legs off for some “greater good,” or it is absolutely morally unacceptable. While I consider the views of a philosophical consequentialist like Henry Kissinger deplorable, he at least has some intellectual credibility that the standard flag-waver lacks.

In their minds, (NB: explicit imagerythese sorts of things “don’t count,” as torture. After all, it was (sorta) sanctioned by the US state in its undeclared “war on terror.” I’m sure the parents of the children are completely fine with their torture since this is considered to be “public policy,” by US state and its “sacred” military.

(The haunting images are from Glenn Greenwald’s Unclaimed Territory)

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