Hide and Go Seek

The Taliban are hiding pretty darn well in Baluchistan province in Pakistan. So well, in fact, that they’re not even there.

“Interviews with residents and officials in and around Quetta, a dusty frontier city of 1.2 million, reveal widespread skepticism that Pakistan’s vast Baluchistan province harbors Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Omar, his aides or their foot soldiers.

It’s a disconnect that does not bode well for Washington-Islamabad relations — and America’s already tattered reputation among Pakistanis — as Baluchistan grows in strategic importance for the United States.”

It looks like the US isn’t all that great at finding things, let alone looking in the right places. After all, who could forget those pesky WMD’s? (Actually, one was recently found by Iraqi prison guards. Turns out, it wasn’t even a warhead.)

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