Hillary Clinton Visits Minnesota

Young Americans for Liberty members from across the state of Minnesota joined forces to protest a speaking event at Macalester College, featuring America’s favorite statist– Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Three days before the event, a Macalester alum heard through the grapevine that Ms. Clinton would be visiting his alma mater, and quickly called up current members about the great activism opportunity. “Make me proud, YALers,” he pleaded. “Make me proud.”


So YAL members from St. Cloud State University, Hamline University, and Macalester College teamed up to tell Hillary how we REALLY feel.


We started by passing out almost 500 fake programs outlining Hillary’s interventionist foreign policy. It included her support for invading Iraq, arming Syrian rebels, drone warfare, and other war-happy policies.


Hundreds of event goers excitedly accepted our “programs” while waiting in line, not knowing that what they were really accepting was the harsh reality about the politician to whom they had looked up to so much. Some became confused once they looked over the obviously unsupportive piece of literature, while an unfortunate amount of attendees didn’t even realize that it was not in fact the real program until Hillary staffers told them of the trick.


Staffers of the event didn’t know how to handle the situation. At this point, all the YAL Minnesota members had done was pass out some paper. Between sending staff to follow “covertly” follow us and frantically yelling to the line “THOSE AREN’T REAL. THOSE ARE NOT OUR PROGRAMS,” it was obvious this had become the anti-Hillary situation they had not expected from an event held at one of Huffington Post’s 5th most liberal college of 2012.


Next, we took to the streets! The sidewalk right in front of the entrance to Macalester College is at a high traffic intersection, with many walking and driving past on their way to the event. We held signs announcing our rejection of Hillary’s foreign policies. Many students and community members agreed that Clinton was “quite hawkish”. 

Overall, YAL Minnesota had a successful day denouncing interventionist foreign policy and Hillary Clinton’s support of these policies.

Also, #libertyselfies. It’s a thing:


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