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In the month of April, the Hillsdale College YAL chapter hosted a trio of recruitment and outreach events. On April 1st and 8th we hosted the first ever televised Libertarian debate, drawing attention to the ideas of liberty that have been continuously ignored. The debate focused on the ideas of liberty over anything else. Hillsdale is a very conservative campus, and we believed that many libertarian principles may appeal to those conservatives.
At both debates, we had between 15 and 20 people: conservatives, progressives, libertarians, and even a socialist. The result was overwhelming and many people were impressed and began discussing new ideas they had not considered before. We even made the front page of the Hillsdale Collegian newspaper.
To finish the semester we hosted the documentary called, “Can We Take A Joke?” screening on the 18th of April. The documentary was met with laughs, and a discussion ensued about where boundaries should be drawn for “offensive” or “explicit” language. Hillsdale has no free speech restrictions on campus, something we are proud of. 
Between these three events our group quickly made a name on campus after being newly formed this year. We gained attention from many students and professors who learned about the principles of liberty. 
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