Hillsdale College YAL Hosts “Goodbye Lenin” Watch Party on May Day

May Day is traditionally considered a worker’s holiday, especially in Europe, with strikes and calls for socialism all around.  As a joking nod to May Day, Hillsdale YAL hosted a watch party of the German comedic film “Goodbye Lenin,” which focuses on what used to be East Berlin following the fall of the Berlin Wall.  We believe that there needs to be an emphasis placed on the terrible failures of socialism on a day in which many promote Marxism, but we also felt that doing so in a comedic way would allow more outreach.

Ahead of the screening, Dr. Charles Steele, an economics professor at Hillsdale who has experience with socialism, teaching in both the Ukraine and China, spoke about the importance of the fight against socialism.  The theme was also meant to be a fun night as today was Hillsdale’s last day of classes as we head into finals week.

This was the final event of the year for Hillsdale YAL, as we close out the semester, that included a trip to Cleveland for the annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Spring Conference, and head into next year with new leadership: Alec Mena as President, William Pettinger as Vice-President, and Matt Montgomery and Secretary.

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