Hillsdale YAL Holds Your Life, Your Right

Hillsdale College’s YAL chapter held our “Your Life, Your Right” event on Friday, reaching large amounts of students and earning 16 additional sign ups. We attracted a lot of people who were walking to and from lunch and were interested in gun rights on campus.

Our event was especially relevant due to the lock-down we had two days earlier due to a potential shooter. We managed to explain to people how defenseless they actually were without the right to carry a gun on campus, and people were shocked to realize how easy it would have been for a gunman to do serious damage on campus.  

The discussions we had around gun rights were amplified as well by the dodge ball free zone metaphor, as many people who didn’t know as much about the issue were excited about a chance to play dodge ball. They were very receptive to talking afterwards, and we collected signatures on our poster as a showing of support. We have a lot of support on campus, and we hope to expand this movement to beyond just our campus, as a Michigan state law makes it illegal to concealed carry within buildings on college campuses.  

Change begins with small steps, and we here at Hillsdale were excited to expand our membership, have some fun with dodge ball, and talk about the issues with our classmates and professors.   

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