Hillsdale YAL Hosts Deep Web Screening

A good group came out to join us for our screening of Deep Web. It was a huge hit, regardless of preconceived biases on the subject. More so, there was a strong since of empathy for those affected by the trial. I was originally worried on whether or not the movie would hold people for its entirety, but many were inclined to stay for the Q&A following the showing as well. In weeks following, we had a group discussion on drug policy in the US that I believe the movie played a significant factor on.

I hope that in the near future we can expand the discussion to a similar topic the movie covered with web anomymity, the philosophical arguments surrounding anonymity, and legal bounds of such. The movie greatly impacted our Club’s previous conceptions of what the Silk Road was and what it represents along with the moral backgrounds it pursed and the constitutional violations they grew victim to.

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