Hillsdale YAL Recruits 15% of Freshman Class

Hillsdale College’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter joined our first “The Source” event for incoming freshmen this year. This event serves as a mechanism for new students to become familiar with student organizations on campus. For three hours students came by our booth to discuss the ideas of liberty, signed up to get involved, passionately raved about how happy they were to finally see a full blown libertarianism activist group on campus, and some even learned what it means to be a liberty lover.

Last year was our first official year on campus, and we drew plenty of attention from the college newspaper, conservative and libertarian students, and even that of a presidential candidate. This year we’re already starting the year off strong with our recruitment drive bringing in around 15% of the freshman class.

They were fascinated by the new ideas, discussions, activism events, debates, and speakers we have planned for this year as we will challenge as well as find agreement with the conservative majority and libertarian and progressive minorities on campus. We hold a combination of views that many people not exposed to libertarian ideas have even heard of before, so we at the Hillsdale YAL chapter are excited for this year.

Liberty is a tradition we hold dear at Hillsdale, and there can be no doubt that liberty will be booming at Hillsdale College this year with a strong YAL chapter!


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