Hillsdale YAL Recruits 25% of Freshman Class

It was a beautiful summer day at Hillsdale College for the Source, our annual activities fair. After an extremely successful year last year, our excitement was high.

Within the first 45 minutes of the fair, we had more sign ups than we had received at the entirety of the Source last year. Not only were many people interested in YAL, a lot of students had already heard about us both from on and off campus sources. Our booth became a place of laughter as we talked about our unique approach to political activism with events like “Your Life, Your Right” and “Ax the Tax” that we had done in the past. People loved our message and openness to allowing both conservatives and progressives to join a more libertarian organization where all ideas could be challenged and we can grow form the discussion.

This class is by far the most libertarian that I have seen in my four years at Hillsdale. There was excitement and an urge to get involved as many people, usually with conservative backgrounds, were tired of the political status quo. Many great conversations were had, and at the end of the Source we had received over 100 sign-ups: more than twice of what we had received last year and over 25% of the freshman class. Our introductory meeting will be next week and everyday I have freshmen approaching me excited to get started.  We are looking to have another great semester and year at Hillsdale as we #MakeLibertyWin!

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