Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts: The Courts

Fighting a speeding ticket in the court system may not rise to NSA-whistleblower-level drama, but Keith Ledgerwood is a 29 year old who is doing more than his part in carving out a space for freedom.

Prosecutors in Indian Hill, Ohio have appealed three times thus far in their efforts to stick Ledgerwood with the $95 ticket, and he’s won against them each time. The case is next expected to hit the Ohio Supreme Court, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Kimball Perry.

Ledgerwood’s case serves as an effective “teaching moment” for the public by exposing the essentially vindictive nature of the myriad low-level commissars who citizens must face every day. Prosecutor Don Crain tellingly stated, “we feel obliged to support the officers…what would your solution be? Just to let this guy off the hook again?” Crain’s quote reveals that it’s not about the money the ticket represents, it’s about the power that’s at stake. Indian Hill’s efforts are aimed at discouraging anyone else from similarly putting up a fight in the future.

This case forces the city government to spend its time and resources in litigation. Hopefully, this will keep them busy so that they can’t harass the rest of the citizens in that jurisdiction.

Even if Ledgerwood ultimately loses, he’s done us all a great service by showing that resistance is possible (and maybe even fun, too). Stay tuned.

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