Hold them Accountable

It's hard to see, but the bottle is labelled "Bush Spending."

Ryan W. McMaken’s post on LewRockwell.com today discusses some of the feedback he recieved from conservatives responding to his discussion of last week’s Tea Parties. In the initial article, McMaken wrote:

The real reason that Conservatives have suddenly discovered a distrust of government, of course, is that they’re out of power. It’s not as if the deficit wasn’t outrageously large last year, and it’s not as if the Bush administration wasn’t out-spending even the LBJ administration on all its pork projects, endless wars, and prescription drug programs for eight long years.

The GOP, the Party extolled by Conservatives every two years as mankind’s last great hope for civilization, racked up deficits and spent sums of money far greater than that ever suggested by Clinton or Carter, and yet now, all of a sudden, Conservatives turn out and would have us believe that they’re opposed to big government.

The “conservatives” who emailed in reaction to this apparently contended that McMaken was a Democrat and his arguments were “bulls**t.” Careful logic indeed. McMaken’s reply is a challenge to conservatives to prove him wrong by consistently supporting only those candidates who cut government spending across the board, even in that most-hallowed part of government to the GOP mind: national defense.

When an individual converts to a new religion, one of the best ways to ensure he sticks with it is for other members of the group to hold him accountable. Now that conservatives have gotten religion in the form of fiscal conservatism, we should be holding them accountable to their rhetoric.

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