Homeland Security Forcasting Terror Threats

Well thanks Homeland Security, like the weather man you are now forecasting………….the terror!

According the the Associated Press, Homeland Security is predicting the biggest ‘terror’ threats over the next five years, and here they are:

Wait, did I read that correctly? “persistent challenges to border security and increasing Internet savvy” That is very odd. Those people who use the Internet are terror threats? When does it end? In the history of this ‘terrorism’ thing the Internet has never been used. All of a sudden “increasing Internet savvy” is a primary terror threat.

Now the terrorists are going to use ‘cyber’ attacks? Wait the last time I checked the terrorists were using cold war weapons, now they advanced all the way to Internet hacking? How did this happen?

This is madness, This whole ‘war on terror’ it is all bull. Terrorism is such a small problem compared to just about anything else. Why don’t we have a war on ‘car safety’ or a war on ‘drowning’. I am sorry but looking at this from a rational stand point deaths caused by terrorism are actually very, very, small. Something tells me the only reason why this is such a big deal is because it is not under control by the few at the top.

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