Homeless students numbers rise but Congress gets Raise

The Associated press reports that the number of homeless students have risen dramatically due to the current economic crisis. The crisis they say, is forcing many families out of their homes. With the record number of foreclosures and damaging layoffs, school districts across the nation are being overwhelmed with homeless children and unfortunately, some school districts are reporting homeless student growth as high as fifty to one hundred percent or more. First Focus, a child advocacy organization said, “An estimated 2 million children are at risk of homelessness because of the foreclosure crisis and economic downturn.”

While the American family is being torn asunder from the bottom up, Congress decided Tuesday to fatten their wallets to the detriment of the taxpayer by voting to increase their annual salary by over $4,700.00. As “The Hill” reports, “A crumbling economy, more than 2 million constituents who have lost their jobs this year, and congressional demands of CEOs to work for free did not convince lawmakers to freeze their own pay.” Who’da thunk it?

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