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I’d like to share a short story from the YAL Spring Break in Kentucky.  While there, I met a wonderful activist whose enthusiasm for liberty is so great that she has left everything she knows to fight for it.  Personally, I do everything I can for YAL — after school, work, and family.  But this individual left her job and her local community, sold everything, and relocated many states away simply to continue our unified fight.  She had a number of inspiring stories to tell (like getting kicked out of the GOP convention for having a Gadsden flag!) , but perpetually kept the focus on the fight for freedom, not herself.

My new friend’s lifestlye has called my own into question:  How long will I value anything above liberty?  I don’t truly think anything should be held more dear, but often we allow ourselves to be tricked by society into thinking other things are more important.

Special thanks to the donors that helped us all attend YAL’s Spring Break in Kentucky, to the lecturers, and and to the YAL staff.  I’d encourage everyone to keep an eye out for upcoming events and come to those if you didn’t make it to KY!

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