Hosting Lectures with Grove City Professors

Over the last few weeks, Grove City College Young Americans for Liberty has hosted three great lectures from Grove City professors.

On March 24, Dr. Gary Smith, professor of history, spoke on religious liberty and how it has been treated by recent US presidents including Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. It was a very informative lecture on how these presidents, despite some of their other policies, were generally very friendly to religious liberties.

Dr. Smith

The next Monday, March 31, Dr. Jeff Herbener, professor of economics, spoke on the economics and origins of Bitcoin, a very popular topic among libertarians today. We learned that Bitcoin is not likely to become money, mostly due to its great volatility and that it is used more as an investment tool than a general medium of exchange. Despite these limitations, Bitcoin can be useful to avoid governmental tracking if you have the technical know-how, and is even being researched by big financial firms to cut middleman costs. A recording of the lecture was made by a student and can be found here.

Dr. Herbener

This last Monday, April 14, Dr. Gary Welton, professor of psychology, spoke on the locus of control. Using psychological studies as examples, he showed how both people and animals thrive when they are given control over their own lives. Political freedom and liberty then are essential for people to thrive and live their own lives to the fullest.

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