Hot for the Constitution!


Nothing draws young Americans closer to popsicles than the fantastically humid heat of the Sunshine State. Waves of UCF Knights visited the YAL UCF Chapter tent on the 28th of September for our Constitution Week Drive to get a free popsicle, have a chat about liberty, and to find out what YAL is all about. On top of their frozen sugar-water concoction students could get a free Constitution and have a discussion about its significance in American culture. Many Americans take their Constitution for granted and our mission was to raise awareness about how vital this document is to the survival of our nation. 

While tabling and observing the people that passed by the tent, I discovered that the idea of liberty also brings people together. More so than any political party, candidate, movie, book, concert, or free popsicles could do. Liberty brings people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and histories together. It’s something we can all agree makes sense and would be beneficial to all Americans. So many Americans want to see lower taxes, more prosperity, less wars, and less government. 

After a sucessful recruitment drive with over 200 signatures we had an average of 24 people at our three meetings held over the course of the recruitment drive, we were able to hold a pretty impressive Constitution Week Meeting. Guest speaker Matt White gave an excellent discussion on the Constitution and its Bill of Rights to our new recruits, planting the seed of freedom and a constitutional republic into the “balls of liberty clay.” Weekly discussions of different principles stimulates even more interest in our group, increasing our retention rate!

Many wonder, why are the fundamentals of liberty so often overlooked? Well, from what I learned at the 2011 YAL Convention, I believe that politics is a bottom-up process and if we are to make a change we must start by talking about ideas then acting on ideas, working our way all the way to D.C. For some students, that “foot in the door” may be a handshake, a conversation, a free constitution and perhaps a popsicle.

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