House votes to limit bonuses

Barney Frank couldn't be happier

The House has voted to limit the bonuses that can be given to Wall Street traders. 

The part of this that really makes me laugh is that some Dems are trying to say that this isn’t a government takeover. 

How is this not a take over? Outsider control of such key aspects of any business is a takeover. Could you imgaine the government telling athletes how big of a contract they can sign? Personally I think George Clooney gets paid way to much for doing his job, but I can’t forsee a Hollywood Czar.  Liberals hate regular people making money.  It’s as simple as that. 

What this all comes down to is money is no longer a personal possesion.  The government controls it and gives it to whom they deem worthy. Give unto Ceasar….

More on the House vote here.


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