How a pseudo-socialist college student became a Tea Partier

I recently got an article published at the Student Free Press Association about my transition from a far left supporter to a defender of liberty. I’m sure many here have a similar story to tell. Don’t be afraid of your past mistakes; what was your path to freedom? 

It was December 16, 2007, the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. I was at home, watching online, as a group of about fifty Ron Paul supporters braved the cold Ohio winter to meet in downtown Columbus and throw cardboard crates into the river. As a far left Democrat at the time, I couldn’t quite understand what throwing a box labeled “big government” into a river was accomplishing, but I slowly realized that our anger over certain issues, like the Federal Reserve or the Patriot Act, was shared.

Read the rest here, How a pseudo-socialist college student became a Tea Partier.

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