How am I to know what anything is?

The murky logic and fuzzy math from a Washington D.C.  debt ceiling compromise shouldn’t surprise anyone; not after months of hemming, hawing, and recycled rhetoric from both sides. The plot in D.C. is becoming more predictable and stale than a WWE storyline, and I’m really wishing I could change the channel.

Dr. Nathaniel Branden writes so keenly to this in The Art of Living Consciously, though he is speaking about a child in an irrational household:

How am I to know what to believe if you don’t mean what you say or say what you mean? How can I trust if I never know when I am being lied to? How can I feel safe if facts are not treated as facts? And with you as my guide, how am I even to understand? How am I to know what anything is? And if I can’t know — how am I to live?

That, to me, is the long and the short of it. In this Orwellian state where increases are reductions, how is anyone to know anything? We can only trust government to sell America out. With no real progress on debt reduction, and with QE3 on the horizon, how are Americans — individuals and businesses — supposed to plan for the future with any confidence?

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