How Being a Campus Coordinator Helped me to Throw an Awesome Event

Last semester, my YAL chapter at the University of Oregon decided to throw a poker night at which we would give away guns donated to us from local gun shops.The University of Oregon is a very liberal campus, and the school’s bureaucratic leaders did not want us to hold this event.There was so much backlash that the school refused to fund the event and even gave us difficulty in booking a room. Even our fellow students got involved, sending me online hate mail and calling me a variety of unpleasant names. I was scared going to school because I was worried someone would recognize me for the event, and I didn’t know what they would do. 
In addition to being involved in Young Americans for Liberty, I am also a Campus Coordinator with Students For Liberty. SFL is an international nonprofit dedicated to educating, developing, and empowering leaders of liberty, and it was through them that I found the support and resources I needed to hold our event in the face of all the backlash. The president of SFL, Alexander McCobin, called us when he heard what was happening and offered to help fund our event. 
Being involved as a Campus Coordinator in SFL has supplemented my YAL training and development so that I can be an even more potent and effective campus leader. As a CC, I am given access to myriad resources in the form of giveaways for tabling or help from a fellow CC or SFL staff member. I have had amazing opportunities to meet people from all over the globe (including the President of Liberland!) who also strive to expand the libertarian network. Everyone within the program is always willing to help out, even if it’s from afar. 
Not only this, but through my position as a CC, I was able to be supported through SFL’s vast network. I was connected with other CC’s and liberty-minded people that knew what I was going through and could offer words of support. Many helped us promote our event and came to it; it received a lot of local media attention. We ended up being able to hold our event as planned and it was a huge success! None of this would have been achieved had it not been for my role as a Campus Coordinator and the support of SFL.
Being involved in both SFL and YAL has offered me more support as a libertarian activist than I otherwise would have had access to. SFL is currently accepting the new class of Campus Coordinators, and I encourage YAL leaders to apply. When you become a Campus Coordinator, you’ll get online training, sponsorship to the training retreat in July, a  $500 activism and outreach stipend, paid travel to SFL conferences like the ISFLC, and access to a community of hundreds of students across the globe fighting for liberty everyday. SFL has trained hundreds of students to become powerful advocates for liberty, and now we welcome you to join us! If you’re interested in becoming a Campus Coordinator, you can learn more about it here. 
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