How Christmas Is “Celebrated” In North Korea

I know it’s a little late to discuss this article, but I think it’s a chilling reminder of how Communist, freedom hating societies tend to work.

For most North Koreans, publicly celebrating Christmas (or any other religious holiday) is impossible because the government restricts all practice of religion  (even though the N. Korean Constitution declares otherwise). As a result, many North Koreans have formed underground churches.  However, the North Korean government does everything in its power to dismantle them.

On the contrary, government holidays or celebrations are encouraged for celebration. For instance, the North Korean government has specific celebrated days such as Constitution Day, Kim Jong Suk’s birthday, and New Years Day to celebrate Kim II Sung’s life. It’s obvious only national, state holidays are the officials holidays in North Korea. This is an eerie example of the results of extreme statism.

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