How does the “peace candidate” plan to expand the military?

The New Boss sure looks a lot like the Old Boss so far. In fact, President Obama has sought and won congressional approval for his plan expand the US army by up to 30,000 personnel. The Senate vote was 93-1, with Russ Feingold (who played a similar role on the Patriot Act) heroically voting nay.

But despite the measure’s overwhelming congressional support, one has to wonder how the Pentagon plans to recruit so many youngin’s to fill Obama’s quota. While it is unlikely that the American people would put up with an actual military draft, I’ve heard some speculate that expanding the military would be a central aim of the proposed, mandatory “national service” program, should it come to pass.

Imagine yourself a young, idealistic statist. You must serve the state, says the law, but it’s up to you to decide how to do it. Wouldn’t laying your life on the line for The Chosen One be the highest possible honor? Between the romantic adventure the state tells us that war is, and making Sloppy Joes in some deteriorating VA cafeteria, what do you think most young people will choose?

I think we all know the answer to that question, which is yet another reason for us to vocally  and unequivocally oppose such a scheme.

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