How not to write an activism report

Congratulations, you just put on an activism project! 

You applied for resources as part of one of YAL’s National Activism Projects. You met with your leadership to decide on a time and assign responsibilities. You create a Facebook event and invite all of your classmates and friends. You put flyers all over campus announcing your activism project. You sent out a press release to your campus newspaper and local media outlets.

The day comes. You wake up bright and early, excited to spread liberty like wildfire on your campus. Your group shows up, works hard, and is friendly! You engage your campus for five hours, and get dozens of new members signed up! That night, twice as many people as usual attend your meeting!

You sit down to write your activism report, and realize that you forgot to take pictures. Despite all of your hard work, nobody will ever know how effective your group was. YAL chapters nationwide won’t be able to recognize your efforts. Even worse, you write your report yet don’t even mention your schools name. Your report gets lost amongst the hundreds YAL receives.

Despite putting on what could have been an award winning activism project, nobody outside of your campus even knows what you did. Without pictures, your report is difficult to read through. Without even mentioning your campus, nobody is able to recognize your work.

Activism Report Always

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