How Point Park is making Liberty Win

Point Park University is a small liberal arts school. Starting this club was not easy by no means. Our student organization fair was on September 4th and we got around 20 sign ups. I’m pretty happy with the outcome and I cannot wait to see what this club can do. I’ve received two emails about guest speakers being interested in speaking on my campus. One for Austin Petersen and other one from Julie Borowski. I passed the message along that YAL is not about what is left or right, it’s about liberty. The students took the message very well. The political environment on my campus is a toxic one. People seem to forget that you do not need to be liberal to go to a liberal arts school. Some people are afraid to speak. Nobody should be afraid to have an opinion on a topic.

The fair was a success and I think out of all the clubs we had some of the most sign ups. Talking with students about liberty makes me feel great. Even if a student and I disagreed we can still have a calm, understanding conversation. Making liberty is something I strive for everyday. 

Yours in liberty,

Brennen Lee Burke

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