How Sensitive is Troy University?

In coordination with national efforts to foster a discussion about what speech is considered permissible in today’s society, Troy University’s Young Americans for Liberty recently hosted our screening of Can We Take a Joke. Leading up to the event, our chapter worked tirelessly to promote the event through on-campus tabling, reaching out to other organizations, word of mouth, and a number of direct phone calls.

As a result, several students showed up to learn more about the issues facing free speech in comedy and on our nation’s college campuses. Afterwards, participants at the screening thoroughly discussed how these issues apply to the culture of speech here at Troy University. All in all, it was a great night of promoting the ideals of liberty through sparking robust conversation on the importance of 1st Amendment rights in Troy as well as throughout the state of Alabama!

Club Group Picture (of those who stuck around)

In addition, Troy’s on-campus news station, Trojan Vision news, showed up to cover the event. Once the event was concluded, a few of our students even stuck around to offer their thoughts to the on-site reporter concerning issues of free speech and their general impressions of the film. 

All of this has helped to contribute to our chapter’s ongoing efforts to actively reform our campus’s unconstitutional speech policies and help combat our society’s overly sensitive demeanor towards unpopular speech. While it’s still hard to say whether or not Troy University students can take a joke, this screening has provided optimism for the future of speech here at Troy. You can watch the Trojan Vision News Clip here
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