How the Jones Act hurts Hawai’i

Young Americans for Liberty at University of Hawai’i-Manoa has teamed up with former State Senator John Carroll to bring awareness to his class action lawsuit against the Jones Act, and educate the public on how the Jones Act hinders the economy in Hawai’i.

The Jones Act has created an oligopoly which controls 99% of merchant marine imports to Hawai’i, and because of the lack of competition in the merchant marine industry prices for goods in Hawai’i are artificially high.

To bring awareness to this issue we have created a flyer in which six members of our organization will be handing out at the Students for Liberty Conference in DC. Our flyer is meant to educate people on the consequences of the Jones Act and allows people to get involved by signing our White House petition to waive the Jones Act for Hawai’i. We hope to get one of our flyers in the hands of John Stossel while we are at the ISFLC.

Please read our flyer and sign our petition so we can stop this outdated protectionist law!

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